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rights and compensation for the use of new land for construction and 118.488 billion yuan from road maintenance fees. Total expenditures by lo

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cal governments taken from the funds they control increased by 49.9% to rea▓ch 1.292798 trillion yuan. This figure includes 1.01725 trillio

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▓n yuan in land-related expenditures which consists of 377.815 billion yuan as compen▓sation for land requisition, housing demolition and resident relocati▓on and subsidy grants to farmers for land expropriations, a large increase of 113% primarily▓ attributable t

o the widespread increase in the level of compensation paid to farmers dispossessed of their land; and 128.622 billion yuan for developing and protecting

farmland; 14.165 bil▓lion yuan for building low-rent housing; 36.988 billion yuan for developing rura▓l infrastructure and developing and protecti

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ng primary farmland; 303.532 billion yuan for promoting urban development;

  • Revenue from funds controlled by l
  • ocal ▓governments reached 1
  • .311069 trillion yuan, up 34.5
  • %. This huge increase was mainly the
  • result of ▓the inc

and 156.128 billion yuan generated from the transfer of the land-use ri▓ghts of bankrupt

  • orporation of all th
  • e income from the transfer of
  • land-use rights into l
  • ocal budgets. Total revenue in
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